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Make these 6 Crucial Repairs before Listing a House for Sale.

As a prudent seller, before listing a house for sale, you’ll want to keep it in great condition, but you don’t want to spend too much money making upgrades. In any case, you won’t be around to appreciate them. Prior to listing a home, it’s important to concentrate on the most crucial repairs to undertake in order to make sure that every dollar you spend supports a higher asking price.

Smaller and less expensive upgrades combined with good staging typically will have a wonderful return. However, how do you know what to do before listing your home for sale? Prioritize these updates first, and it might be in your best interest to forget the others.


Repair Damaged Flooring

Your home feels depressing if it has worn-out linoleum, ragged and outdated carpeting, or scratched-up wood floors. It only takes one step inside for buyers to cross the house off their list.

If you already have hardwood floors in your home, refinishing will do. According to the “National Association of REALTORS® Remodeling Impact Report,” budget $3,400 for the job and expect to recuperate 147 percent of the expenditure.

Replace any worn flooring with new hardwood. You may recoup 118 percent of the project’s cost of $5,500 at selling. If that isn’t feasible financially, updating the flooring in any way has a significant impact.


Remove Water Stains

You’ve become accustomed to dealing with the effects of a long-fixed plumbing issue, but for potential buyers, a water stain signals there may be a number of bothersome issues lurking below the surface.

First, make sure the issue is resolved. If your basement is moist, call a plumber to check for leaky pipes or inadequate yard drainage. A leaking pipe can be fixed for about $300, while diverting rainwater away from your foundation could cost as low as $700.

A water-stained ceiling replacement costs roughly $670, and drywall prices about $1.50 per square foot.

All are more affordable than a lost sale.


Refresh Grout

Is your grout fading or breaking? Clients will take note. On the other hand, fresh grout can make worn-out floors appear as though they were just installed.

This is another quick repair with a significant effect. Re-grouting a bathroom can cost as little as $1 to $2 per square foot for simple works and up to $10 per square foot for more difficult ones. If you’re handy, you can DIY it and save even more money.


Restore a Dying Lawn

A brown, spotty, and untidy grass is the epitome of “This one’s going to require some work.”

It doesn’t take a lot of money to fix the issue, and after you sell, you’ll earn every penny back (plus some!) It will cost roughly $300 to hire a lawn care provider to administer fertilizer and control weeds. When you sell the house, the relatively inexpensive repair could net you $1,000. More than 300 percent return on investment is unparalleled.


Clean up Pet Damage

Has your adorable kitty scratched the door to your bedroom? Before you list your house, repair the damage. Otherwise, potential purchasers might view the scuffs as a canary in the mine.

Buyers will also look for pet stains on the floor if you have pet damage.

The price to refinish a door ranges from $100 to $250 (or less if you’re prepared to DIY). Although replacing pet-damaged carpets or hardwood may require more work than simply wiping away minor scuffs, it is financially worthwhile.


Revitalize an Old Kitchen

Even though purchasers adore a fresh design, a complete kitchen makeover is rarely worthwhile when it comes time to sell. Kitchens continue to be one of the most significant amenities for buyers.

Updating the kitchen need not be pricey. It can be sufficient to paint wood cabinets, replace outdated hardware, or put in new countertops or appliances.


It is not necessary to spend a lot of money to prepare your home for a successful sale. Prioritize the most crucial fixes to do before listing a home by choosing tasks that go beyond aesthetic appeal. Select renovations that will improve the salability of your house and support a higher asking price.

If you need help completing any of these projects, contact us for a list of reputable local businesses on the Emerald Coast of Florida that can be a great resource to get your house ready to sell.

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